Monday, April 01, 2013

Slowly Spring Comes

Bruce and I had a great Easter weekend. Lee and Eva came up with Grant and Mae. They were our first house guests in the Tucker Lake house. The kids wanted to explore everywhere. We could not do too much outside since there is still a lot of snow. The snow, however, did allow them to build a snow fort with their father. They also tramped down to the lake. Inside activities included candle making at the lodge and Easter egg coloring. On Sunday morning we had the big egg hunt. All the eggs were found without too much trouble. We used the eggs for egg salad sandwiches for the managers during lunch.

The pile of boxes on our garage is slowly dwindling. I try to do a few each day. We have found most of the necessities of life which takes the pressure off. There are also some things that should have been thrown during the packing process. They are going this time. The idea is to use opaque garbage bags so Bruce can’t ask why I didn’t throw that out instead of bringing it to Tucker Lake to throw out.

Our weather has been typical spring changes. We had a little rain on Saturday morning. It was enough to soften all the snow on the road leading in to our house. Greg came and plowed all the slush out so that we have bare road in a few places. On Sunday morning there were snow squalls coming through. The north wind was howling. When I drove out to go down to the lodge for lunch, there was a small tree across the side road. Luckily it was small enough so that I could drag it off to the edge of the road. Lee says that I am a real pioneer mother now.

On Wednesday we are leaving on vacation. This time we are off for two weeks in Turkey and one week in Split, Croatia. For the entire time there will be no thoughts of unpacked boxes or lodge reservations. Although my cell phone works overseas, at $2.89 per minute plus taxes in Turkey, don’t call me. I’ll call you.

The last weekend of April we are helping Lee and Eva in their booth at the Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo, April 26-28. The Expo is held at Midwest Mountaineering’s store at 309 Cedar Ave. South in Minneapolis.

But why are Lee and Eva exhibiting at the Expo? On Memorial Day weekend they are opening the Kerfoot Canopy Tour near Henderson, Minnesota. It will be a state of the art canopy tour with 8 zips. Some of them will be crossing a deep ravine. You can get more information from their website at Bruce and I are really excited about this new project for Lee and Eva. It is being built by the same company that built our canopy tour. When you plan your visit to the canopy tour, don’t forget that the Minnesota River National Scenic Byway is adjacent to the canopy tour. Also the towns of Henderson and Belle Plain are great places to explore or get a bite to eat.

Time to pack for vacation. I’ll write again when we get home.