Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to the new Gunflint Lodge Blog


If you have found this I'm assuming you have seen our new website. We hope you like what you are seeing so far. The purpose of our blog is to share with you what is going on up here at Gunflint Lodge.

Several different managers will be contributing to the blog. Each will write about something different. The wild life, the weather (if it is sunny and 90 or if we got a foot of snow), the activities going on in the woods, or whatever they are interested in.

I will start out by sharing with you that this past week we received over 12 inches of snow. So needless to say our trails are in great condition. We have a great base of snow and all of our trails are open and look perfect. If you are going to be coming up here in the next month or two we should have plenty of white fluffy stuff for you to enjoy whether you ski, snowshoe, dogsled or snowmobile.



Purple Lover said...

Hi Lee & Eva,

I'd love to come hit the snow trails but we are summer vacationers, for now. Next winter may be something different.

I bet Tucker is a cute as ever.

Your new web site looks fantastic.


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