Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It happened, kind of

This morning I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I was so excited to see the lake frozen. About 1/2 of the lake has frozen over with only the Canadian side still open.

Here is the link to the webcam so you can check it out yourself http://www.bwca.cc/weather/gunflint/gunflint1.jpg.

When I walked to work today the wind was blowing a little stronger then I would have liked so I'm a little nervous about the wind picking up and breaking up the ice we got last night. Hopefully the ice will stay.

We have been going on and on about the ice for a long time lately. The reason is because it really is symbolic of the beginning of winter on the Gunflint. And with this year, the timing is right on. We have all of the ski trails packed, the guests are starting to arrive for the holidays, and we have started to have some cold nights. Winter has arrived.

Yesterday I talked about the cabin renovations going on in # 20, & 21.

So far we have ripped out the old bathroom, sauna, fireplace, kitchen floor, all of the cabinets & counters, the carpet, and all of the furniture.

We have installed most of the new bathrooms which will feature a private room for the toilet, a new fancy 6-headed super shower by Jacuzzi, and surrounded the shower with tile work. The ceiling has been paneled over and now matches the walls. An awesome new fireplace has been built with local rocks. Ceiling fans have been installed in the living room and the bedroom. New carpet has been laid down in the bedroom.

We have almost finished putting up the paneling on the new bathroom walls. We still need to put in the new cabinets, counters, bathroom sink & vanity, paint the bathroom, put in the living room flooring, and install the kitchen island.

When we build a new cabin or renovate a cabin we always get nervous about finishing in time. This year is no exception! Does anyone have their renovation projects take longer then they expected, or is it just us?

Hopefully we will see you over the holidays.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all the fine folks at Gunflint Lodge and in particular to Sheryl and Bonnie who have always taken very good care of the outfitting needs for my Boy Scout Troop and Venture Crew ever since my first trip up your way in 1997.

None of my renovation projects have ever taken the time I thought they would. They have all taken much more time than anticipated. Just ask my wife. She will certainly vouch for that!

Some year I hope to make it up the Gunflint Trail in winter. But until that time I'll just have to settle for making my trips to your beautiful part of the country during the summer.

Michael Halla

Eva & Lee Kerfoot said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response. We would love to have you up here in the winter sometime. I will definitely make sure to tell Sheryl and Bonnie that you said hello.

With the fires this past summer in the boundary waters there will be lots of new neat things for you guys to see, even if you have been on those lakes in past trips.

We are really close to rolling out our new website www.gunflintoutfitters.com Come back in the next couple of days and check it out. Hopefully you will like the new changes.

Have a good winter.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas-

We are the couple (and of course our two goldens) that will be visiting the Lodge 1/14/06-1/20/06. We will be staying in the new renovated cabin #20. We are very excited for our week up there...again (our 5th year). We are worried with that fancy shower we may not make it down to that wonderful dinner after a day of snow shoeing! Looking forward to our stay, as always.

John and Amy Borg