Monday, April 16, 2007

Back Home

Bruce and I have been running around the country for several days. First I spent 2 days at a trails conference for the Gunflint Trail Historical Society. In addition to the museum going in at Chik-Wauk, we will have a system of hiking trails. Since this is all starting from nothing, Kathy Lande and I went to learn how to do it correctly.

Then on Friday Bruce and I made a flying trip to Missouri to pick up some Adirondack chairs for the lodge. Robert had found an Amish man who made them several years ago. Lee ordered 30 more. After three days of driving and with a full van we arrived home about 8:00 p.m. last night. It sure felt good to get home.

The Trail is very quiet at this time of year. We saw more animals than cars. Two fox and a partridge were joined by a moose. We have seen very few moose this winter. Don’t really know why but the light snowfall allowed the moose to easily go anywhere in the woods. Also there was very little salt put on the bare road. Moose generally like to lick the salt off the road.

At any rate I had just commented to Bruce about if we ever going to see a moose again. Then around the corner we saw one. It was a last year’s calf standing right where the picnic table is at Swamper Lake. He looked rather bedraggled and lost. The setting sun was directly behind the moose so we didn’t get a really good look at him. Also because of the curves, it is not a good place to stop. I have never seen a moose in that spot before.

We got home and started unpacking the van. Before we could finish the fox with the short front leg appeared to welcome us. I ran in and found some food for him. Don’t know what we will do when I run out of food. You just know that the animal doesn’t hunt as well with that short leg. Who knows, he may get some leftovers. At any rate there will be no food in our garbage for a bit.

So now we are settling in again. There is lots of work in the office to catch up on. It’s back to walking and trying to lose some weight. Bruce is down at the lodge now to see if he can start on one of his fireplaces this afternoon. I hope to get the greenhouse going later this week. Just like at your home, there is a endless list of projects.

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