Wednesday, May 09, 2007

webcam address & New Mandatory Evacuations

Hi Everyone,

here is the webcam address so you can "see" what we are looking at

we have been fortunate so far and that we have only stopped giving horseback rides, otherwise everything has been up and running like normal. Today is the first day we have had any smoke and when the wind does pick up it is supposed to blow today's smoke away from us.

If you want more information about the fire go to and they will have links to the offical fire updates. They update boreal as soon as they get any new information.

Mom is right in saying that we have been working hard on a very limited staff. The only way we are able to serve this many people is because we have an unbelievably incredible staff and our vendors have really been there for us. Upper Lakes Food has been especially helpfull. They have offered to send up a truck in case our refrigeration isn't big enough for the food orders we are putting in. Fortuntely because we are serving so many people the food, especially the perishable food, isn't in our kitchen for more than

The Police Department is issuing a mandatory evacuation on NORTH GUNFLINT LAKE. This is purely a preventative measure as the forest service would like to do a safety burn between north gunflint lake and where the fire is to the north. This is only being done as a safety issue. Currently (as of 12:30 PM) North Gunflint Lake is not threatened by fire.

I hope this helps. I just want to give you up to date info. for more official and current info go to



Brianne said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all posted. My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Gunflint this past January and are excited to make the trip a family tradition. The friendly staff truly made the trip as memorable as the scenery. You are all wonderful people. Thank you all for helping, you are truly making a difference!

Brianne Twaddle

Cindy said...

Hi Lee, Eva, Bruce and Sue,

We are watching the news of the fire and sending prayers. This is just so heartbreaking, we feel so bad for all the losses. Wish there was more we could do to help.

Keeping everyone in our thoughts,
Cindy and Randy Gustafson

Darcy Marx said...

Thank you, Lee for keeping the blog updated when I'm sure you have greater things on your mind. For days those of us in the cities have only known what we see on the news. Every day I strain to see familiar sights on TV, but as they report from Seagull Lake I've felt more confident that Gunflint is safe. Tonight the 6pm news reported from the boat launch on Gunflint Lake, just up the road from you, and I teared up. They quickly ended the report as smoke swelled in the background and reporter ended saying they thought this was a flare-up, too large to be part of the controlled burn. I hope they are wrong. Be safe, everyone, and I'll see you in the fall.

Barbara said...

Dear Eva, Sue, Lee and Bruce,

I am so sorry to hear about the fires. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers this evening that God will send rain and take away the wind as He wills.

I love your spot on the lake with the beauty of the woods, the hills, the silence of the evening and the freshness of a new day.

I am sad for the animals who are loosing their homes to the fires and for people who are
experiencing trauma and loss.

Be of good courage and know that you are in our prayers.

Barbara Lokken

Scot & Cheryl said...

Thank You for keeping us up to date during such a busy, difficult time. Gunflint holds a special place in our hearts as it is where we were engaged and continue to visit as often as possible.
Keeping everyone in our prayers,
Scot & Cheryl Villwock

MOLLY said...

Hello gunflint lodge-
Thank you all for keeping us posted with the latest updates. I know that you have all been very busy! My heart breaks for all the people and animals that have endured loss from the fires. I have never been to the gunflint, however have enjoyed the beauty of northern minnesota. My boyfriend and I are planning to get married in August at the gunflint lodge. I have been very sad to hear of the fires. I hope everyday that it will rain and save the home for so many. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts,
Molly and Joe

Marianne said...


It is so hard to be in Duluth going on with my days and my life, knowing that things are so difficult there. I am sure you believe me when I say I wish I was there to help. I left Monday morning, and my hope was that the worst was behind you. I am so sorry, everyone is in my prayers, as you know how much I love Gunflint Lake, my home away from home.

Your friend,
Marianne Niemi

Maddy said...

Thanks so much for the updates - we are following the progress daily and keeping the safety of the staff, the lodge and the horses in our thoughts.
My husband and I were married at the Lodge four years ago and have so many cherished memories of the people, the scenery, the food!
Wish there was something more we could do to help; we'll still be hoping to see you later this summer!

Patrick and Ann Obele

Carol Pearson - Lakeville, MN said...

"I stood on the shore of Gunflint Lake beneath a Great White Pine, matriarch of a fast-vanishing tribe, and I knew I was home"
Justine Kerfoot

So many of us feel like the Gunflint Lodge, and the Gunflint Trail are our home away from home, our little slice of heaven. You just breathe easier, quieter. Your body takes on a renewed sense of calm as you head up the trail. It's hard to imagine the feelings that are being experienced there now, as residents flee with a few treasured belongings, hoping that they will have something to return to. As we watch and read through our tears, let's try to keep alive the spirit that is the "Gunflint Trail". God Bless you all; we will see you again, soon.
The Pearson Family

Teresa said...

Sending many thoughts & prayers your way. We are devestated to read/see the loss that has taken place so far - yet are also thankful that it has not caused life loss or serious injury. Please know you we are sending good thoughts your way while anxiously awaiting word on the Lodge and it's surroundings. Hoping you are all safe and well.

SBD said...

Hi Kerfoots,

We have been following the events on the Strib website and a truly heartbroken. We have such fond memories of Gunflint with Sue, canoeing with Bruce. watching many a sunset from the old cabin porches. While we have not been to Gunflint in many years, our hearts are in the north woods.

We hope all of you are safe and that the Lodge comes through this in fine fettle.

We are thinking of you.

Sue and Bob Dickler

Teresa said...

So relieved to read a quote in tonight's Star Tribune site that the Lodge is intact and ok. Hoping this is news from tonight's report. Saw Sue's picture on the paper's website earlier, and John Stillman working on a sprinkler system earlier in the week. Brings it home even more to see the familiar faces in the photos. Continuing to send thoughts, prayers & positive energy to you all. May things continue to improve and be under control as soon as possible.

Always An Adventure group
Appleton WI

CZika said...

My husband and I just stayed with you last weekend for my 30th birthday. We loved every minute of our time there. We just can't believe what is happening. Everyone was so helpful and kind even though all this was going on. I can't imagine what your going through. We pray you all are ok and all works out well. Thank you for a wonderful birthday weekend! We are thinking of you all.

Bobette said...

My fiance and I have yet to visit your lodge. We have made reservations for our Honeymoon the end of September. I am so overwhelmed by what you must be going through and that it is all up to mother nature. I am soo sorry for the loss suffered by your neighbors and friends, and the beautiful trees and wild life. I do hope that you and your family manage to stay out of harms way and that Randy and I will be able to share a wonderful step in our life with you and your family on our Honeymoon. We are so very excited to come up there and stay with you for our first time, and do hope it is the first of many. Please be safe and know that you are in our prayers as well as the entire Gunflint area. You have a very special piece of heaven up there and it will be ok. Have faith. stay strong, and take care of each other. Until we meet in September, Love,
Bobette & Randy
Inver Grove Heights, MN.

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