Monday, June 18, 2007

Naturalist Program Profile

We have an exciting summer planned for the Gunflint Naturalist Program. This year we have three naturalists for the first time. There is Deb from Ohio, Katie from Colorado, and John from Minnesota.

Deb is doing mainly activities for families and adults. She has a lot of experience in a camp setting, and has a BA in Geology from Ohio State.

Katie is our kids and crafts naturalist. She has experience at a canoe camp on Lake of the Woods, and will be a sophomore at Colorado State University in the fall, majoring in English.

I (John) am the Head Naturalist and will be doing activities for people of all ages this summer. This is my sixth year at Gunflint. My BA is from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where I majored in English-writing, and Environmental Studies.

We have many new programs planned for this summer. One exciting new activity will be the Saturday Night Sing Along. All three naturalists are at least novice guitar players, and will lead songs as well as tell stories. We will be singing songs that kids and adults will enjoy. It will be the only program of the week where the entire naturalist staff will be present, and will be the grand finale for our week of activities.

This list below is of activities have not been offered in previous summers, but which will be offered on a rotating basis this year:

Birch Bark Bookmarks Craft
Birch Bark Sampler Craft
Northwoods Candle Holders Craft
Northwoods Magnets Craft
Seagull Lake Day Kayak Paddle
Fantastic Fen Hike to Lonely Lake
Geologic Sills of the Caribou Rock Trail Hike
Geology of the High Cliffs Hike
Lady’s Slipper Hike
Medicinal Plants Hike
Medicinal Plants of the Mid-Cliffs Trail Hike
Photography Hike to Lookout Point
Wildfire Ecology Hike to Magnetic Rock
Kid’s Only Amazing Science Experiments
Kid’s Only Bug Safari
Kid’s Only Nature Discovery Hike
Fire and Ice Geology Canoe/Kayak Paddle
Intro to Kayaking (Upon Request)
Wildfire Ecology Pontoon Cruise
Saturday Night Sing Along
Sensational Snakes Presentation
Wildfire Ecology Presentation

Even though we have so many new activities, we are still offering many of the old favorites. They are listed below:

Boat Trip and Hike to Bridal Falls
Boat Trip and Hike to Little Rock Falls
Deep Bog Excursion
Candle Making Craft
Dream Catchers Craft
Northwoods Pencil Holders Craft
Caribou Rock Day Hike
South Rim Trail Hike
Brant Lake Day Canoe Trip
Granite River Day Canoe Trip
Ham Lake Day Canoe Trip
Stairway Portage Day Canoe Trip
Animal Tracking Hike
Aurora Borealis Night Hike
Berry Picking Hike
Celestial Legends Night Hike
Wild Edibles Hike
Kid’s Only Fishing Fun
Kid’s Only Hobo Hike
Kid’s Only Make a Boat and Race it Down the River
Kid’s Only Pizza and a Movie
Kid’s Only Scavenger Hunt
Kid’s Only Story Time
Kid’s Only Supper and a Story
Beaver Canoe Paddle
Cross River Adventure Canoe Paddle
Loon Canoe/Kayak Paddle
Intro to Canoeing (Upon Request)
Dessert Cruise
Early Morning Pontoon Cruise
History Cruise
Photography Cruise
Snack Cruise
Great Lakes Ghost Stories Presentation
Gunflint Lodge History Presentation
Life of a Voyageur Presentation
Minnesota Ghost Stories Presentation
Misunderstood Wildlife Presentation
Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes Presentation
Gunflint History Tour

All Gunflint Lodge/Gunflint Northwoods Outfitters Guests are invited to participate in the many activities we are offering. There will be between three and seven activities offered each day throughout the summer.

If you join in on our activities, we guarantee that your northwoods experience at Gunflint Lodge will be greatly enhanced. With your new found knowledge, you will have a greater understanding of the northland than you have ever had before.

John Silliman
Head Naturalist
Gunflint Lodge


Katie R. said...

We can hardly wait for our trip to Gunflint in July! I'm afraid your post has just made it more challenging to be patient. Sounds fun and enlightening, as always.

Teresa said...

John! Nice to hear from you on the blog! Great job on the fire too (saw your photo along the way).

Thanks for this great list and all the work you do. We are SO looking forward to our trip in September ... we are always counting the days beginning on the bus ride home! :) Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Always An Adventure group
Appleton WI

Nicki said...

We, also, saw your picture on the web with the fire fighters. My husband and I were up there last year for our honeymoon, and really appreciated all the programs that we went to in which you were the 'leader'. We are thinking of coming up again for our 5 year anniversary, but I don't think I want to wait htat long! I love it up there!