Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It’s a Great Day for the Ducks

It seems like just about every time Deb, John or I are completely booked for a boat activity it rains like this. And as we look at the radar, there are few signs of it stopping. It looks like it will only get worse before it stops (whenever that will be). Deb was supposed to do her Fire and Ice Kayak Paddle, using our brand new kayaks, and I was supposed to do the Kid’s Only Fishin’ Fun, which the very rightfully famous fishing guide, Dennis Todd, helped me out with last night. I was all set up so those kids could get a great catch. Dennis has been up here fishing for some twenty odd years, and it is well known that he knows the area like the back of his hand. His secrets seem pretty well guarded. He runs a fishing seminar every Monday night at seven in the Conference Center, and I will vouch that it is immensely helpful, not to mention entirely free. I went last night. I’m really glad I went, and the other two guests that came were, too. You can bet that as soon as those kids and I can get a boat out, you’ll see pictures.
Really, though, none of us can complain about the rain. We needed it pretty badly. I guess the only thing to do is give in, drink coffee, and sit by the fire. I can’t say that sounds all too bad. And, of course, the ducks are loving it. They toss and spin in the waves near the shore, or they huddle up on the dock.

One more thing—Happy Birthday! to Jason Hughes, who’s a bartender and server here at the lodge. (7/11!)

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