Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cody, Wyoming

Bruce and I got home last night from Cody, Wyoming. While in Cody we attended the Dude Ranchers’ Association convention. The members of this group are not a lot different from Minnesota’s family owned resorts. We fish and they ride horses.

The purpose of our trip was to find some jobs for the 500 foreign students we will be bringing in this summer for jobs across the U. S. Housekeeping and kitchen jobs are just as plentiful on a ranch as on a resort. We met some really nice people and found a bunch of jobs for our students.

On Sunday morning before we drove back to catch our flight in Billings, Montana, we took a little ride. Cody is only 50 miles from the east gate to Yellowstone National Park. Folks told us that it was easy to see some game if you just drove the road. They weren’t kidding.

One of our sights was a herd of grazing sheep. They were so busy eating that they hardly had time to look at me. You can almost see the edge of the road in the bottom of the picture.

The best sighting was when this buffalo wandered down the road. I got out of the car to take the pictures but was very careful to keep the car between me and the buffalo.

Bruce laughed at me but I didn’t see him getting out of the car. This is only a two-lane road. Look at the center line to get an idea of how close I am to this animal.

In addition to these animals, we saw mule deer and mountain goats. Then there were the herds of cattle and horses. We did not see any elk or moose. We'll save that for the next trip.

Of course, the scenery up and down was beautiful. We just stopped and snapped this picture.

The town of Cody is very interesting. We went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center because they are hiring 4 students. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to look around the museum which was fairly big. They have 1200 visitors a day during the summer. Another summer long event in Cody is a rodeo every night for June, July and August. There also appeared to be lots of great gift shops and restaurants. But don’t get too interested in Cody because we want to see you up at Gunflint this summer.

It was a good trip but it’s even better to be home. Our weather is changing today. When we got up, the temperature was 25 degrees at about 7:00 a.m. It’s 2:00 p.m. now and the temperature has dropped to 2 degrees. We are also getting a little snow which is nice.

Last night a couple of the neighbors on the lake drove home from Duluth a little later than we did. When they hit the Trail the driving quickly went sour. There was a freezing mist coating everything. It took them two hours to come up the Trail. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

Later this week we are off again. This time it is to Jamaica. Now don’t get all excited. We will be spending from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. interviewing students in two rooms with no air conditioning or even a fan. Between the two of us, we’ll interview about 150-200 students. Also we do this in Kingston which is definitely not a tourist destination.

Then it will be back to Kansas City for Grandson Zach’s birthday party. I understand that we are going to ride go carts this year. It will be fun no matter what we do. Robert and Miranda also have a little sightseeing and shopping planned for us.

I’ll try to get in another blog about what’s going on here before we leave.