Friday, May 23, 2008

what is going on at Gunflint Lodge recently


Since my mom last blogged about the Gunflint Green Up there has been lots going on. First the fishing season opened. Dean Janke e-mailed us a couple of pictures that we are going to post. This picture was taken on the 12th, which was considered the first day that the ice was "out" on Gunflint Lake.

Since we started this blog by talking about the fishing I will give you an update on how it has been so far this spring. The reports from the guides is that they are catching "hogs" (a hog is an official fishing guide term on the Gunflint means any walleye longer than 28"...28" is considered a trophy walleye) on a daily basis. I will get a couple of pictures from Jon Schei's digital camera so you can see some of the walleye he is catching. In the mean time here is another picture from Dean...only his fish are a couple of lake trout.

One of our managers at the front desk, Dave, was out fishing with his dad the last couple of days. So when he came in this morning for today's motor permit I got the low down on the last couple of days. Just by seeing the smile on his face I knew he had caught a couple of good sized fish...the only question was how many and how big. Yesterday they caught two "hogs", one over 29 1/2" and another at 28", plus several smaller walleye around 14-18". Dave reported that they did not catch a ton of fish, but everything they caught was either decent sized or a "hog".

We have had lots of new staff arrive in the past 10 days or so. John Silliman, our head Naturalist, has been taking them on a property/history tour of the resort. You can see their faces go from shock to smiles as John fills them in on the rich history of the resort and some of the crazy things Grandma did when she was running the place. After a couple of days of training the new employee's eyes look confident and ready to handle the next guest's request.

As we have more fish reports come in we will be back in touch with pictures so you can see how our guides are guests are doing.

Have a good memorial weekend.



Scot & Cheryl said...

Hi: ) My husband and I do not usually comment, but we always look forward to reading your blog with the latest Gunflint news...Missing your blogs.

Anna R said...

Hi, I don't usually comment either, but I must agree with scot & cheryl. Being stuck in NJ, I really look forward to seeing your photos and hearing stories from the real world. Can't wait to get out there...soon, hopefully! : )

Kathy said...

Hello??? I'm getting worried about ya'll up North - haven't had a new blog since May. Really looking forward to seeing more, AND, for our September vacation. Hope everyone is OK....

garydi said...

Add me to the list of those waiting to hear Gunflint Lodge news since last May!!

peter said...

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Bicycle Yucatan said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. I found it when seeking information on a hermit that lived near Gunflint many years ago. The name I had was Mark Warren but in your post your wrote about a George Wartner on May 24, 2006. I am wondering if this could be the same hermit that I was told stories about by someone who made frequent trips to the Gunflint. You implied that you know more about Wartner...have you written more?