Thursday, January 06, 2011

A New Adventure

It’s the beginning of the year and I have started a new adventure. Sometime during the summer Bruce went on Facebook. As part of his page he opened a page for “Gunflint Lodge in northern Minnesota.” Then he let it sit there. So now I have gotten into the page as an administrator and will be trying to write short whatevers regularly. It is going to be most interesting. If you wish, look for the page in the quotes above otherwise you just get Wikipedia’s listing or so I have been told. Meanwhile, I will be continuing to also write this blog. We are all going to find out together how much stuff I can come up with and if it is interesting.

All of this writing would be much more interesting if you would share your stories of Gunflint with me. We all know that I have a lot of hot air for stories in me but you must also have some good stories to share. Don’t you get tired of just listening to me? I get very few responses to my blog and people who may know more than I do say that I should promote discussions -- who knows. Sometimes I feel like I am writing for the blue skies. Bruce says that his statistics show that about 100 of you check in on any given day. I have no idea if that is good or bad.

Meanwhile the lodge is busy this week. Our ski trails are in excellent condition. We have enough snow that today South Rim and Magnetic Rock were track set. People are out exploring. Unlike many early Januarys, we have not had the bitter cold weather. It makes everyone willing to go out a bit more. Adam and his dogs have been particularly busy with rides. People seem to like the shorter 15 and 30 minute jaunts into the woods.

There have also been people out on snowmobiles. Of course, they are on separate trails from the ski trails. The most interesting story came from a family who rented one of our machines and had some of their own. They crested a hill and found a pack of six wolves right in front of them! Five of the wolves immediately took off but the sixth one was not the least bit intimidated by the snowmobilers. He just sauntered off at a leisurely pace.

It reminds me of the story Bruce tells about trapping minnows. As you may know, Bruce traps all the minnows for the lodge. I am sure we could buy them but he likes being out in the woods. Bruce is not much on just taking a walk. He needs a job in the woods. At any rate one day he was driving over to some of his traps on Kings Road. Around the corner were two huge, black wolves who just looked at him. Bruce said that it was one of the few times when he was glad he was in a vehicle.

Another current story I posted on Facebook (I think it may have gone away into cyberspace.) was about several sightings of lynx that guests have had around the lodge and the back side road. I have lived here 42 years and have never seen a lynx but we had about three parties who saw one over the holidays. It will be fun to see if guests continue to spot this lynx.

As with all animal sightings, it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. In other words – luck.


Teresa said...

I love your blogs - even if I'm not leaving a comment! Your blogs remind me of reading Justine's books (yes, really, they do!) and allow me to be there "virtually" until my next actual visit! I love hearing about what you & Bruce, the staff, animals and weather are up to. I can picture everything you are describing to us and the pictures just make it that much better. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated and worth the time & energy very much in my book!!! Thank you!!

I hope you enjoy FB - you will definitely get more feedback there because it is easier for people to do so.

Best wishes "always" -
Teresa - Always An Adventure out of Appleton, WI

Brenda said...

Dear Sue,

I echo Teresa's comments! I check on almost every day so that I can be there "virtually" even though in reality we actually visit only twice a year. It's such a long trip for us (from Houston TX it's a full day of travel) which is getting harder as we age. But both my husband and I are recharged mentally and physically, emotionally and spiritually, from a visit to Gunflint.

Keep on blogging!

Love u, Brenda & Ken

RickO said...

I regard your blog as a winter connection to my "summer home" I am always checking to see what is new in the North country. I enjoy the Gunflint Blog and I am sure many others do also. I wanted to make it up to the Lodge during the Holidays but my schedule wouldn't permit it, so through your photos I could at least see what I missed.
Thank You! RickO

Diane said...

Please keep writing your blog! It gives me a connection to one of my favorite vacation locations. I love hearing about the lodge and the Gunflint. And as I'm not on Facebook, it will continue to be my window into your world.
Thank you so much!

Donna said...

I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading your blogs! To open it up and find a new one to read is always such a treat. Gunflint Lake is my most favorite place in the world to venture to - it is my salvation. My husband and I try to get up there at least twice a year starting with the Gunflint Green Up. Please don't ever stop writing them and think no one is reading - we are!
Thank you so much!
Donna & Joe

Ree777 said...

I agree with all of the comments. Keep writing. I read the blog updates from all the lodge owners on the Trail daily. You give those of us who do not have the pleasure of living on the Trail year round an opportunity to feel like we are there, if only vicariously.You offer us an'escape' to a place we love, that we can't get to often enough.

Yes, please keep writing, and I will also check out Facebook.

Annette C.

Cheryl R said...

I also check in on your blog, almost daily!! Your observations of all the special Gunflint activities are very much appreciated! It makes me (and all the Always An Adventure group) feel like part of your family, and helps maintain the excitement and anticipation for our next trip!

You have a great gift for sharing the wonderful treasures that surround you every day...keep up the good work!

And I'm enjoying your FB contributions too!

Warm Regards from WI!