Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Animals All Over

With the holiday weekend over, things have slowed down a bit here. The dining rooms were particularly busy every day of the weekend. We all get geared up when there are lots of people to serve. Also Bruce and I enjoy talking with everyone. Like any job, it is much more fun when you are busy. Everyone has a different story to tell you and they are all excited about their day. Then you get to tell them another neat place to be tomorrow.

While we were gone, Bonnie had her trail camera out again. This time it was behind the volunteer fire department garage. The picture above is what she caught on camera. It is a lynx walking away from the camera. You just never know what is wandering round the woods during the night. Last summer and fall we had a lot of rabbits around our house. I can’t remember when I last saw one. This picture tells us what happened to all of them.

We are still having an amazing number of wolves showing up at all times during the day. Before the weekend, there was one on the ice in front of the lodge about noon. We all got a great look at it. In addition to her lynx picture, Bonnie got two more wolf pictures that week. Jennie Hughes, who does our massages, saw a pack of eight on Loon Lake.

Today was the best wolf sighting that we have ever had. Even Bruce had never seen this before. As you know, the managers eat lunch at the big table in the bistro every day about 11:30. I always like to sit so that I can look out the window. So after lunch we are all getting up to clear our plates to the kitchen. I looked out the window. There was a deer running from east to west about 100 feet out on the ice. Right behind it was a wolf that was obviously looking for dinner. Both animals were quickly out of sight.

With all these encounters, the question remains: did the deer get away or did the wolf get it? I drove down to the public landing. There were no fresh tracks. I walked out on the ice until I could see all the way into the summer home bay – nothing. I walked around the trees below Cabin #11 – nothing. We will never really know what happened.

And then there is the question of my always absent camera. Maybe I should hang from a string around my neck. It is never where I need it. Even if it was there, I would forget to use it. It is really easy to get caught up in the moment when something like this happens.

Just to put an exclamation mark on the noon hour, a second wolf appeared just after the chasing one disappeared. Don walked down to the shore to look for the end of the chase. Suddenly there were four deer behind him. He looked and there was a wolf in front of him. He was the protector for the four deer!

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