Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Are Green

The Gunflint Trail is turning into a deep green. Two weeks ago we were a dusty brown. The difference, of course, has been rain. Starting last Wednesday we have gotten inches worth of rain. All the lakes have come up. The swamps have filled up. The trees that were hurt by early springs and then frost have been budding out.

The rain has helped the berries to blossom out. After a bit more rain the next couple of days, they are ready for sunshine. We have enough water to combine with sunny days and give us a bumper crop of berries. It all sounds pretty tasty to me.

Fishing has been really good. Lake trout remained in shallow waters with the cooler temperatures. One of the neighbors was fishing off his dock and just kept reeling in the trout and throwing them back. All were in the four to five pound range.

Jon Schei was fishing on Saganaga with a party of six people (two boats) the other day. The party did not want lake trout. Instead John led them to a mess of walleye and bass. That night the kitchen was busy cooking all their fish up. Even with six people, they couldn’t finish up the fish.

Work on the zip line is going very well. The tower by Lonely Lake just needs the roof put on. I believe that today or tomorrow, the builders will start on the next platforms. One of them will have a spiral staircase to gain a little elevation. The guys are also starting to lay out the steel cables that guests will ride on.

In addition to using the main tower for the zip line, this tower will offer a wonderful elevated spot to watch the animal activity on the Lonely Lake. Between birds and beavers in the summer and deer in the winter, who knows what will be seen. Maybe a wolf or lynx will venture onto the ice in the winter. And there is always the possibility of moose coming in for a drink in the summer.

Ronnie Smith and her crew are quickly planting flowers all over the place. The main load of flowers arrived last Thursday. Once the flowers get in, we just have to give them a couple weeks to get over transplant shock and then they will burst into color. The contrast from the whites of winter to the many colors of summer flowers is always amazing. Both are beautiful but also very different from each other.

Mandy is busy with the horses. One of the guests reminded me that Mandy is also our unofficial vet. This guest has a dog covered with red spots on her belly. Mandy had the book to explain the spots (black fly bites) and give the correct medication to use. Everyone on the staff has some special skills that we use from time to time.

The new swing set for young guests is almost up. We bought a kit and not all the parts were in it. So Jason has to call the company for the missing parts. Meanwhile the swings are working just fine. They are located between the lake and the wood-fired oven. It is a nice place for parents to relax on the patio while the kids play on the swings.

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