Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall is Here!

Fall is truly here. This is my favorite time of year. Just this last week the leaves really seem to be changing. The reds have appeared and the ash leaves are turning bright yellow. The wind has not been too strong so leaves are lingering on the trees. When we get our first big rain storm, the leaves will be flying all over. Of course, I look forward to that first cold rainy day. That night we will have the first fire of the season in our fireplace at the house. I can already hear the crackling and smell the burning wood. Who can ask for anything more?

At this time of year we also have a few friends join us in the house. My mouse trap has been very busy. Every time we open the garage door or the door to the garage they come running in. So far we have trapped about 10 mice. Once we get them out, then we don’t see very many during the winter. It is just that right now is the trapping season.

Fishing has been doing very well. Kevin Walsh was up with some guests and really got lots of trout on Saganaga. He said he has never caught as many as the other day. Jon Schei and Lance Huskey have a new secret minnow lake. These minnows have been attracting fishing lots better than the others according to Jon. At any rate, the fish are coming in regularly. With this nice weather, it is a pleasure to be out fishing.

On Saturday the partridge season started. Bruce and I went out Sunday afternoon for several hours. We came home with four birds. One of the joys of hunting is driving around to spots we never go to at other times of the year. I ooh and ah about how much the new trees have grown. We bump along on rocky roads and look for those elusive birds. Wednesday night we will have our first partridge dinner with acorn squash and wild rice. Even at nine o’clock in the morning, that sounds good.

Another fall project is to mow the ski trails for the upcoming winter season. Rick has been making good progress on this chore. About a foot of snow on top of his work and the skis can come out. There are not a lot of trees down on the trails so that makes it easier. The first wind storm will bring some down and the trails will have to be checked again.

Bruce and I are also planning for vacation. On October 1st we fly to Venice, Italy. After spending 3 nights there, we start a 24 day cruise across the north Mediterranean. Many of the cities we have seen but there are also some new ones. Not having to pack your suitcase every day will be great. The service on a cruise ship sounds pretty good too. At the end we will spend three nights in Barcelona before flying home. I think that everyone here is ready to get rid of us.

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Carol Pearson - Lakeville, MN said...

Enjoy your vacation! It sounds amazing. Please post some blog updates so we can be there, too! See you in December.