Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! It is a beautiful day on the Gunflint. There is not a cloud in the sky. While the temperature is high, a cool breeze makes it a perfect day. Life at the lodge will be very busy today. Last night we were filled to the brim with diners. With nice weather, the patio becomes a third dining room. I expect that the same thing will happen tonight.

The wildflowers are out in all the beauty along the Trail. Along a drive, there are lupine, hawkweed and daisies. Most along the roads have been brought in and are not native to the area. Even so they add lots of color. Further into the woods are the twin flowers, iris, bunchberries and many more. These are all native to this area. We are also starting to see the wild strawberries ripen. Soon it will be time for jam. It is a truly wonderful time to just look out on the Trail.

One of our guests had an unusual experience yesterday. The two adult brothers went out kayaking on Gunflint. Back in the summer home bay they spotted a loon gliding along. The loon came up close to one of their kayaks. This brother said to the other, “I can almost pet the loon.” He reached out his hand to pet the loon. The animal gently took each of the human fingers in his beak. Then the loon just sat there while the man pet its head and back. Finally the loon glided off into the weeds. Neither Bruce nor I have ever heard of such an occurrence.

The canopy tour is very busy. Today and tomorrow we are full with about 45 riders each day. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. Lee says that he is also very busy on his new canopy tour (Kerfoot Canopy Tour) down near Belle Plain and Henderson outside of the Twin Cities. He is a little bigger than we are with ten zips and the longest is over 1200 feet.

My garden is producing broccoli for the dining room. Three times I have harvested enough for dinner. Of course, Bruce and I have yet to eat any of it. By the time we sit down to eat, it is usually just a salad or sandwich. One would think that we would lose weight but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I think it is too many cookies while at the lodge.

As I look out over the lake, there are kids everywhere. It is not just the human variety. Our mallards are hatching too. Everyday there seems to be a new flock of little ones. Besides the corn, they like to hang around the dock because the eagles are not comfortable swooping in to pick off another young duckling. All the kids splashing and the dock with hiding places makes this a very scary place for the eagles. I wonder if the eagles actually feel “scared.” I think that is just a human emotion assigned to eagles with no idea if they have emotions like we do. There is a name for that but I can remember.

At any rate, have a great day. I’ll be watching my fireworks on PBS at the National Mall tonight.

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