Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Welcoming John and Mindy

It is the end of another season at Gunflint.  The leaves are quickly turning and fall is here.  This is also the end of our time at Gunflint Lodge.  As many of you know, we decided to sell the resort several years ago.  It is something that is easier said than done.

First we had to emotionally get over the fact that our life was moving on.  Then finding the buyers was a project.  We searched to find a buyer who would feel as we do about the lodge.  John and Mindy Fredrikson have really fulfilled our hopes.

This couple were raised in the Midwest and then moved out east as Mindy worked as a lawyer for Delta Airlines.  They came with their son Jack to be active owners of the lodge.  Bruce and I were pleased to sell to a family rather an investment group.  This is turning out to be a wise move.  They are moving in to truly make Gunflint their home.

Bruce spent about two months working with them about the operations at the lodge.  I think you will find that much as remained the same.  As they worked planning packages for the next season, Bruce found that already John and Mindy had ideas to contribute.  They will, of course, make changes but we did too.  We all knew that Bruce was never against making good changes so he was happy to see new ideas coming from them.  After all, we didn’t have a monopoly of how to run good resorts.

The managers have pretty much stayed the same so you will see familiar faces as you visit us again.  Bruce and I are not here but we still live in the area about five miles from the lodge.  In fact we hope that many of you will visit us at our home.  Just a phone call will let you know we are there and it will also give me a  minute to pick up the house.

Personally this change has been a great relief for Bruce and me.  You always hope to sell to people who share your goals and we feel that John and Mindy do.  It has also enabled us to do more of the activities that you all come up here to do.  We have done more fishing and eaten more fresh walleye than in years.  It has also freed us up to travel a little bit more and know that the lodge has successfully passed into new owners hands.

As usual, we hope that you will visit Gunflint soon.  It will always be a special place in our hearts with very special guests who spend time with us.  John and Mindy seem to already find that it is a special place on the Gunflint Trail.


Unknown said...

Best wishes to you and Bruce! I'm sure you'll have no trouble keeping busy. We will definitely miss seeing you at the lodge, and hearing about your travels.

I look forward to meeting the new owners, and I'm curious to see what they have in store - but I have to admit, I hope things stay the same more than they change. As long as we, as guests, continue to be treated like family, as long as the terrific staff continues to bend over backwards to meet our needs and make our vacations such wonderful experiences - that's all that matters!

Ann Henderson

Unknown said...

We will miss you and Bruce! We have been coming to Gunflint at least once a year (sometimes twice or even more often) since 1998 and love everything about Gunflint. Traveling is hard for me so we haven't returned as often as we would have liked but I wish you all the best on your new adventure.
Ken & Brenda Schubert
Friendswood, Texas

Maren said...

Our family of four treasures every moment we enjoyed at Gunflint with the Kerfoots as hosts. We regard the money we spent on those vacations as investments with infinite returns. We gulped we read the news that the lodge had been sold, but we are happy that the lodge will still be family run and that you two can enjoy your retirement. Best, Maren, Rory, Flynn, and Alex Robertson

ab0tv said...

As with the change of seasons so do the seasons of our life change! My bride and I have been enjoying Gunflint for these past many years and will once again enjoy our next visit in the spring of 2017! We wish you and Bruce all the Sunshine and Happiness in the wold and will look forward to meeting John and Mindy.

Tom and Cynda Jones, Sioux Falls, SD

Nancy H Shoreview MN said...

Best wishes to Sue and Bruce and welcome to John and Mindy! Gunflint Lodge has been our favorite vacation spot for years. Personally, it is my most favorite place to be on the planet. I absolutely love it there. When everyone else is heading for fun in the sun, I'm packing my snowshoes and fleece wear. I'm very glad to hear that it is owned by another family who will carry on the traditions that make Gunflint Lodge distinct from everywhere else as well as bring some new ideas. The staff are awesome and we always look forward to talking with Sheryl, Bonnie and Mandy, going to John's wilderness activities, and of course, dogsledding with Adam. Hope to get up there again soon.
Nancy Hoglund, Shoreview MN

Unknown said...

John & Mindy ... will you be continuing the blog?

Damon in IN

Smart_Margauz said...
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Smart_Margauz said...

Happy to read this. You will now build your own family, a . home. Congratulations and best wishes. God bless. Thank you for sharing and keep posting.

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