Monday, August 07, 2006


I think that the beginning of August is panic time for many of us up here. Some of the plants on the sides of the roads are starting to turn brown. Summer is marching into fall. I have my mental list of things to do and am starting to check things off.

Today I made the last batch of raspberry jam. I think there are about 50 jars. Of course, the good news is that Bruce will let me eat some fresh raspberries now that we have lots of jam.

Zucchini relish is coming along nicely. I was in great shape until Lee and Eva decided to add a brat to the Red Paddle menu. They need some relish to serve with it. So Saturday Fred and Fran Smith and I made 4 gallons of relish. I probably will need to do that again. Does anybody have a guess as to how many brats we will serve in the bistro this winter?

Cherry tomatoes are slowly starting to ripen. Bruce found six yesterday. Eva eats them like candy which is about right when they come off the vine. We will all be in that patch pretty soon.

The other tomatoes are coming along. There are lots of them but they need a little more time. This year we are going to try to freeze whole tomatoes for winter. The book says that to use these frozen tomatoes, thaw them and the skin will just peel off. Then they can be put into soups or sauces.

I blanched and froze 19 packages of green beans the other night. There is probably just as much out there now. That's another winter pleasure.

Wednesday I am going to start making pesto. The basil has been particularly good this year. My friend Bev Johnson gave me a great pesto recipe. I put it in 1 cup containers and freeze it for winter.

Peppers are not quite ready yet. When they come I will be trying jalapeno jam. I have been told it is great. Anybody have a recipe?

Otherwise we are basking in warm summer weather. These days are to be savored because they won't last long. Of course, September is coming and that is the best month of all for me. I just love those warm fall days. Walking along and kicking fallen leaves is a great treat. With any luck we will get out to fish for lake trout just before the season closes. The opening of partridge season also brings a new eating delight to the Kerfoot table. I cook it slowly with Cream of Mushroom soup. The sides we have with it are wild rice and baked acorn squash. My mouth is watering now.

Have a good day and enjoy the summer.

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