Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shopping Spree

Yesterday I spent the day in Duluth. Grandson Tanner and his friend Keane were going home. I met Shawn at the mall and transferred the two boys. My two other passengers were Jamaican students who were going to Duluth for their first day of real shopping since arriving here in June.

Like most Americans, these two gals are used to living near some shopping. Gunflint is a long way from the nearest mall. Kerri Ann had been here last year so she had the list of shops to visit: T. J. Maxx, Target, K-Mart, Kohls and, finally, the MALL. I was just the driver. The girls powered shopped at each place. I would drive off for one of my stops. The back of the car gradually filled with bags.

Kerri Ann remember how last year Bruce took them to Duluth. Bruce absolutely hates shopping. So last year he was amazed at how much four girls could buy. Kerri remembers him saying that there must not be any plastic bags left in Duluth.

By 3:30 I met the girls in the food court at the Mall. They were starved, broke and exhausted. Takeouts from the Chinese restaurant were their last purchases. They ate in the car as we drove home.

A mad buying day in Duluth is nothing new. Before Internet shopping it was the only choice that we had. When Robert and Lee were in school, we spent one day each August buying their new school clothes: six pair of pants, six shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, a new jacket, etc. for each boy. It was always best for family dynamics if Bruce didn't come along and didn't know how much I spent. Most mothers can relate to that situation.

It was good to return to the woods last night. Bruce had dinner ready. We were the only two people in our house. Nighttime brought pleasantly cooling temperatures. It got dark a little earlier than in July. We both passed out in bed.

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