Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cabin Renovations

We have rambled endlessly on and on about the cabin renovations (trust me the maintenance guys are sick of me asking when the cabins will be finished). Cabin 21 has been finished for a week or two. Cabin #20 is very close to being finished. Here are the pictures of what # 21 looks like and hopefully what #20 will look like in a couple of days.

If you have stayed in these cabins before you might remember white popcorn like ceilings. Well those have been panelled over with knotty pine wood. We added more lights and fans in the cabins. We also put in fans in both the walkin shower and in the toilet room.

Below is the new showers we installed. They have 4 or 5 shower heads at different heights to make sure all of your body gets clean. The showers are really cool.

Below is the new rock fireplaces that we built with native stones. Dad spent about 8-10 days working on each fireplace. These are also really nice. We make sure there is lots of air going into the fireplaces so when you close the doors they will have enough oxygen to burn for a long time. Plus we have been buying more hard wood which will also burn longer and hotter.

Below is the new King beds with new linen. The beds are very comfortable!

We have had fewer people using all of the kitchen amenities (like the stoves and ovens) so these new kitchens have the basics (Microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and a sink). Of course you will find glasses, plates, silverware, a wine/bottle opener.

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing the cabins. We are currently planning on renovating #22, 23, & 24 this spring so we will have 5 cabins newly renovated for this summer.

Have a great evening.


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