Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let the Games Begin

Everything is in a state a readiness in the Kerfoot household. It’s not quite like Christmas Eve but, for a grandparent, it’s the next best thing. This afternoon the three California grandchildren arrive. Of course, their parents are bringing them but the adults don’t count.

The house is clean and ready to have kid’s games and books spread all over. Their own private indoor swimming pool (the hot tub) is clean and full. We have more snacks, treats, and junk food in the house than any time in the last six months. Kid friendly meals are planned. My only hope is to either eat enough or send home enough snack food so that Bruce and I don’t end up with lots left for us to eat.

Winter in the woods is a great time for kids. Just riding a sled down our driveway, walking back up, and coming down again keeps the kids busy and happy. Luckily their parents understand that the key to outside fun is warm clothing. For California kids, they do really well.

This year I am determined to get more pictures but don’t hold you breath. It’s always more fun to play with the kids than to take pictures of them. Maybe I will remember to get the camera out once. What I really need is Eva’s mother, Nancy, here. She is the all time greatest picture taker.

We have lots of options for things to do. Bruce wants to take the two boys ice fishing. Lee thinks we ought to have a bonfire one night and roast marshmallows. There is skiing and maybe a sleigh ride down at Okontoe. Birds and deer need to be fed. Snowshoes are available. Inside building a fire in the fireplace is guaranteed to please everyone. I think we will run out of time before we run out of things to do.

I hope that there is a special time of year in your life when grandchildren come to visit. It is often nice when that time is not a holiday but just a time to spend with the kids doing ordinary things.

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