Sunday, February 04, 2007

Making Snow

Here is our first attempt this morning to make snow by throwing boiling hot water up in the air when it is really cold out. Overall it worked pretty well, about 50% of the water froze in mid-air. The thermometer in the lodge said -38 degrees outside this morning so you know it was cold.

Today was a big check out day. We had the majority of the resort checking out today and the maintenance staff had to jump start 13 vehicles today! By noon all but 2 of the cars had been started. I still am shocked that 13 cars needed to get jump started! I am not saying anything negative about those 13 cars, more just surprised at how cold it was and how difficult it can be to get your car going.

Here is a second picture from our attempt at making snow.

I think the first picture turned out better.

I hope you are all keeping warm.


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