Sunday, March 18, 2007

Future Trips

Only a couple more days and we will be returning to Gunflint. It is that time during a trip when I could drop everything and just go home. We have been lucky to spend two weeks with two sets of very good friends but I am starting to miss my own bed. On the 21st I am going to just snuggle down in that bed and remember our great trip and be thankful to be home.

One of the interesting things we have been doing on this trip is to plan some future trips. Our friends Ron and Pat and Don and Dorothy will be coming with a bunch of other friends to Turkey this fall. Then the six of us will fly to Egypt where Doug and Patty and Tony and Diane will join us for another part of the trip. Both in the Keys and in The Villages we have been talking about itineraries, flight schedules and what to bring. This process will continue through phone calls and e-mails until we leave this fall. Also during the summer months we will be scanning the TV schedule for programs on these two countries. I already have my Lonely Planet guide to Egypt plus a map to figure out where everything is. By the time the trip is over, we will have enjoyed it for several months of planning before we even leave.

When we get home, the canoe maps will come out as we plan a canoe trip with our friends Tom and Melissa. There are always lakes we (even Bruce) haven't seen or would like to go back to. As with any Kerfoot trip, planning the menu will take a great deal of time. The only sure thing is that it will include freshly caught walleye for dinner. Because we are all in our 60's, we don't fit the profile of average canoers but we have a wonderful time. Exploring the lakes along our route offers us an endless variety of experiences. Interaction with the birds and animals of the northwoods cannot be predicted but will occur. This is definitely a trip where sleeping in my own bed at the end will feel wonderful.

The next time you hear from me it will be from Gunflint. Then Bruce and I will be starting the hard part of any vacation – taking off those extra pounds we put on during the trip.

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