Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still Down South

Bruce and I are still enjoying the Keys.

The day before yesterday Bruce had one of this more disasterous dives. It was nothing dangerous but everything went wrong. We got out to Kemp Channel. As he was putting on this flippers, the strap on one snapped in half. He managed to jerry-rig it together. Then the tide was running much stronger in the channel than we had expected. It makes it just that much harder to explore an area. Once under the water he kept have trouble with his flippers. Then when he decided to give up, he could not inflate his BC because the regulator didn't fit properly. He swam over to the bank and stood up on the bottom. If he had been in a place with deep water all over, he could have just dropped his weight belt and popped up. By the end of the dive, Bruce was thoroughly disgusted with himself. No lobsters on the dive just added insult to injury.

Yesterday a third couple joined us. Today the three men are going out diving. By the time they got all the gear on the boat, there is no room for the three women. So we are going off to Key West to look around for a bit. One of my favorite shops down there is Fast Buck Freddie's. I love the name. They have really nice merchandise that is attractively arranged. Of course, just walking the streets in Key West is entertainment. Who knows what we will see.

We did have one disappointment today. Yesterday all three gals bought three tickets for the $6 million Florida lottery. We didn't win. Well, we almost won. Pat got three numbers on one line and she won about $5.00 with no extra zeros. Pat and I have always bought lottery tickets together when I am in Florida. It is the only place I buy them. Our deal is that we will split the winnings. Even though we have never won, we have had great fun spending the money over the years.

If you read the last blog, you know that one of the great discussion areas is where we are eating dinner. Last night we ate in and were forced to eat lobster and stone crabs. Tonight we are going out. We will meet the guys at our favorite Cuban restaurant in Key West. It is in a residential neighborhood on a back street. Ron and Pat learned about it years ago because the wife of their airplane mechanical was a waitress there. I already know what I am going to have - roast pork, yellow rice, black beans and fried plantain. The meal will cost about $10 and is more than I can eat. Afterwards we will come home for dessert -- Pat's Key lime pie that you heard about in the last blog.

I hope that you are having as nice a day as we are.

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