Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer is Almost Here

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year.  Our shipment of flowers and vegetables arrived.  The picture above shows the inside of the van before being unloaded.  Ronnie and Chris will be busy planting for the next week to get them all in.  I will take the vegetables over to the Tucker Lake house.  Many of them such as the parsley and basil with appear on the lodge meal plates throughout the summer.  We are approaching a full moon now so let’s hope it does not freeze.  Basil is especially sensitive to cold.  I have frozen basil many times but this year should be good.

The hummingbirds are back.  With three feeders out, they are around the house all the time.  I can see them eating at almost any time I look outside.  American goldfinches are also adding lots of color to the bushes and trees around the house.  Right now the birds have full changed over to their summer colors of bright yellow with black highlights.  There is one red-breasted grosbeak and lots of purple finches and bluebirds to add more colors.  It is fun to watch them all flying around.

Memorial Day was really busy at the lodge.  We were full Saturday and Sunday nights.  Then on Sunday we had our first barbeque of the season.  It was a lovely night with no rain.  Last summer we seemed to have all our rains on Sunday nights.  About 4:00 pm everyone one would be crowded around the radar maps trying to decide if we were going to get rain or not.  If the rains come in the middle of a meal being served outside, things get to be a real mess.

There have been a few animals appearing on the roads.  Between Tucker Lake and the lodge, a mama bear with two yearling cubs has been hanging around.  They are cute but not a threesome you want visiting your house.  Bruce saw a wolf on the Tucker Lake Road a few days ago.  He also saw a moose.  I am ready to see anything.  Lately the most I have seen is partridge on the road.  We should start to see some coveys of new born birds soon.

Bonnie and Dave gave us a large Lake Trout fillet yesterday.  We immediately had it for dinner.  Bruce grilled it and we feasted.  There is nothing better than fresh fish.

The leaves are out on all our trees.    The line green is gone and we have the dark green of mature leaves.  There are also a lot of them blooming like the pin cherry trees.  The white flowers look great.

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