Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NOW summer is here.

With the coming of June it seems that summer has finally hit.  Of course, there are some unpleasant parts of early summer.  My three beautiful tall tomato plants succumbed to the last frost in early June.  My basil is also not very happy right now with the cooler weather.  The first ten days of June are the worst of the bug season and this year is no exception.  Mosquitoes, black flies, and no-seeums are around and sampling bites from us.  By the middle of the month, the worst of the bugs will be gone.

We do have, thank goodness, plenty of rain so the fire danger is low.  The rain has also helped cover the fruit shrubs with flowers.  All around my house there are lots of wild strawberries blooming.  My domestic strawberries also look like they will have a bumper crop.  It is a little early to tell about the blueberries and raspberries but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As with most of Minnesota, June has brought road construction to the Gunflint Trail.  This year from the north end of Highway 92 for four miles until it connects with last year’s road work is under construction.  It slows things down a little but it is no big deal.  Just go slowly and watch the flagmen.

Animals are moving around.  Last week I was driving home on the Tucker Lake Road after dinner.  What should appear in front of me but a bull moose.  It was a large animal whose rack was still covered with velvet.  I would guess that this one was a good strong teenager.  He certainly could run away from my car.

My long-time friend Bev is staying with us for some time.  She was in a car accident and needs me to keep track of her.  We both share the same doctor.  Dr. Stover told Bev I was to take Bev’s blood pressure every day and then I could take mine too.  We laughed about the fact that 50 years ago who would have thought that the highlight of the morning would be to take our blood pressures.  Getting old is not exactly what we expected back in the St. Olaf days.

This weekend Bruce hopes to finish his pond.  Daughter Shawn and her husband Bob are coming up to put the waterproof tarp in.  Then the new circulating pump will be put in.  Flowers have been saved to put around the edges.  Shawn will supervise the two men and I will be the overall supervisor.  Mine is more title without actual authority but my authority goes back to the old saying that if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Lee and Eva will be up with Grant and Mae this summer.  A couple weeks ago the kids came up with a list of activities.  They want to feed the birds and go fishing.  Then they have to learn to fillet the fish.  Grant gets to go horseback riding for the first time this summer since he is 7.  Grandma gets to take him.  Mae then gets to cook with me.  Bruce gets to take the kids by boat to Little Rock Falls.  Of course, all they really want is for Grandpa to take them down the rapids by boat.  They want to go camping and make campfires.  On rainy days we will play cards and eat M&M’s.  Sounds like a fun visit.





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