Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  Right after a fresh scone breakfast, Bruce went off to work.  Sunday’s are always busy days for him.  During the summer they end with the BBQ for dinner.  It is one of our busiest meals of the week.  Both he and Don are kept running starting about 5:30.

After the BBQ ends, we feed the staff at it.  Now that almost everyone is here, it is really a long line of employees to feed.  This year we seem to have a good staff which is nice.  They are all digging in and keeping busy as the guests come and go.

My garden is coming along well.  We have had two meals of spinach.  The strawberries are starting to form into individual berries.  I haven’t seen any red one yet but they will be coming soon.  Yesterday we got a really nice rain for several hours.  That will get everything growing quicker.  Wild strawberries still have some time to go before we can start picking.

The road work on the Gunflint Trail is coming long very nicely.  About half of the 4 miles has the first coat of pavement down.  That really cuts the dust down.  By the end of next week most of the pavement should be down.  There’s still a lot of odds and ends to finish but the end will be in sight.

Daughter Shawn and son-in-law Bob came up last weekend.  They worked like dogs on the pond.  It is really starting to look good.  We still don’t have it filled with water because our well will go dry if we run it for hours.  The rain yesterday helped get a little more water in.  The pump circulating a small water fall is wonderful.  There is no motor sound.  All you hear is the trickling water.  We still have a bunch flowers to plant on the edge of the pond but the worst is done.

Speaking of trickling water, last night just before we returned to the lodge some water started to drip and then flow through my office ceiling.  Bruce rushed upstairs only to discover that the toilet tank in our bathroom had cracked.  He turned the water off and we started mopping up the mess.  You can’t imagine how much water can spread everywhere.  We knew that it could have been much worse.  In ten minutes we were going to leave and be at the lodge for3 hours.  Then we would have really had a mess!

I hope all you dads get to spend time doing your favorite things today.

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