Monday, February 27, 2006

Gunflint Lodge on KSTP


The Minneapolis/St. Paul tv station KSTP is up here filming today. Tomorrow (Tuesday) they will be filming live throughout the morning. If you saw us, we are interested to hear what you think. Post to the blog what your thoughts were.




Erika Looman said...

My husband and I saw KSTP interviewing Gunflint Lodge this morning. We honeymooned there October 2004. It brought back so many memories! We can't wait to plan another trip up there.

Eva & Lee Kerfoot said...


Lots has changed since your honeymoon. We are getting ready to open a bistro in April, to be called The Red Paddle Bistro. We have renovated cabins 16 and 17, and we put new furniture in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and we have also put new comforters in all of those cabins. And as you can see, we have a new website.

This summer we are planning on buying several new boats and motors, a new pontoon, and more extensive landscaping.

A few things still have not changed such as our hospitality, service, and great food.

Its time to come back for your second anniversary this fall. We would love to have you back.


Brenda said...

Hi dear Gunflint folks,

Ever since I was lucky enough to visit Gunflint in 1998, I have made it a point to come to Gunflint every year, sometimes twice, bringing my family with me or coming alone, all the way from the Gulf Coast of Texas, Houston, Texas. Gunflint has changed in many wonderful ways over the years. But the things that brought me here and keeps me and my family coming here, are the PEACE & QUIET and wonderful facilities that Gunflint has to offer. We love Gunflint and can't imagine a year without it!