Monday, February 27, 2006

This past weekend


We had a busy weekend with the second annual Winter Tracks Fesitval. The weekend and specifically the Snow Boot Ball was a success. We had over 100 people at the Ball. The food was a hit, many awards and door prizes were won, and the band got everyone up and dancing.

If you have been to Gunflint in the summer you probably have tasted our summer BBQ buffet. We served this menu (Smoked BBQ ribs, smoked chicken, a 50# piece of beef, cheesy potatoes, string beens, chocolate fudge brownies, and home made rolls) from 5-7.

Next the band started playing and people were dancing for the next couple of hours. Between the cash bar and the band, everyone was in a good mood.

One other thing I really enjoyed about the weekend was the stars. Right now the moon is only a small sliver in the sky giving the stars a chance to shine on their own. I always love seeing a sky full of stars. The longer you stare at the sky the more stars you see.


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