Monday, February 06, 2006

Today in the woods


Today I was told about two guests in the woods with their two dogs. They went out and saw a tree with Pileated woodpecker holes on it. It is great to hear these holes can still be found in the woods because these huge woodpeckers are rare to matter how many I see in the woods I am still always surprised at how big they are.

The couple also told me that they saw deer hair in the path. The dogs were smelling the snow all around the hair trying to get a scent of where the rest of the deer was. Finding deer hair is generally a sign of mother nature taking her toll on the deer's life, but the couple told me no hide was found so this probably was only from the deer shedding.

Right now the moon is about 50% full and growing each night. My favorite time of the moon cycle is when the moon is getting smaller because that is when the stars really come out for a show. Since we do not have any street lights up here the stars really jump out at you on clear evening nights like tonight.


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