Friday, May 12, 2006

Fishing Opener

Tomorrow is the opening of the fishing season. Traditionally it is also the opening of the resort summer season on the Trail. So today we are having traditional weather -- freezing rain, an east wind, and touches of snow in the higher elevations.

Dave is down on the dock getting everything ready. The new boats and motors were supposed to come Wednesday but came yesterday. He has the license stickers on the boats but, due to the rain, has to put each boat on a trailer and haul it into the garage to put the license number decals on in a dry location.

Meanwhile John is breaking in the motors. They have to be run at variable speeds for some time before general use. It is a wonderful day on the lake for scenic boat rides. No one else on the staff is trying to take John's job away from him.

Bruce is going out again today to collect minnows. He set three new traps yesterday. He also moved a couple of non-producing traps to different locations. Tucker went along to make sure Bruce did a good job.

By this afternoon, every boat will be outfitted with anchors, paddles, a full tank of gas, and landing nets. By early tomorrow morning they will all be out. In this weather the fishermen will be wearing many layers of clothing. Those of us who live here won't be out. We pick our days and wait for nice weather.

By the later afternoon fisherman will start to come in. The newspapers will be calling as they collect fishing reports from various lakes. In the Red Paddle our anglers will meet to swape stories of fish caught and fish lost. It's a fun time of year.

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