Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Today appears to be our second day with some sunshine in what felt like forever. An east wind had kept moisture laden clouds over us for some time. There wasn't a lot of heavy, heavy rain but there was lots of misting and drizzle. Combined with the east wind, it was not gardening time.

Yesterday there was sunshine and there is today too. Everyone who can is out in the garden. As things dry off it is perfect for planting. Bruce and I are working on getting our replacement strawberry plants in.

Last year the grass took over the strawberry bed so this year we are starting out with new plants. But before anything can be planted, the grass roots have to be dug out. Even with a rototiller to break things up, it is a miserable job. Today is the day that we are going to get it finished (no matter what). Tucker is coming over to supervise the work.

I have planned a really easy dinner for tonight. By the end of a day in the garden, I'll be ready for the hot tub, shower and Advil in that order. I sure won't feel like cooking an elaborate dinner. In fact, Bruce is lucky that he's getting dinner.

By the beginning or middle of July, there will be a great crop of strawberries in the garden. We had fresh strawberries for breakfast just to remind us of how good they taste. Store-bought berries are no where near as good as ones raised here but you get the idea.

If you are lucky, you'll get on the homemade strawberry jam list.

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