Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Garden Work

Now that the Red Paddle Bistro is open, it's time to get the gardens ready for planting. On Saturday, May 29th, the Spring Work Weekend was held at Gunflint. Bruce had a group of people who helped him add rock walls around cabins #4, and #5. He also added a new garden between the two units.

I also had a group of people who helped weed flower beds on the west side of the lodge. The task went very fast due to the addition of a new miracle tool: a Mantis rototiller. It is amazing how much power tools help a job go faster. You still have to get down and pick out weeds but the ground is really loosened up much easier than by hand. Of course, you also need to weed around all perennials by hand. Needless to say, things look much nicer now.

Another group of people raked leaves all over the grounds. Then there were those who helped move firewood, split firewood, bring out lawn furniture, and clean the canoer cabins. It was a great group of people who all worked very hard.

Sunday was time to finally get the Kerfoot greenhouse planted. I am a little late with this project but did manage to get 26 flats up and growing. In a week the first plants should appear but it will be over two weeks before the last ones pop up.

This afternoon it will be time to get back into weeding the beds in the vegetable garden. The new tiller should be a great help. Actually the greatest help will be the hot tub at the end of the day. My body feels the exercise a bit more than it used to.

Sue Kerfoot

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