Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fishing Guides

After reading about our fishing success, the guides at Gunflint demanded equal time. After all, they are the true professionals at this. We are just a retired couple trying to entertain house guests. So here we go.

Jon Schei has had a couple of fun days. On the 6th he and his party got 5 lake trout with the largest weighing in at 8 lbs. They also caught about 20 bass ranging from 15-19". Somehow 1 walleye snuck into the mix. Then yesterday Jon decided it was time for walleyes. They got 11 in the 22-26" range. Fifteen bass and a 34" northern completed the mix.

Dennis Todd also has had a couple of good days but they were the reverse of Jon's. On the 6th Dennis was catching walleyes. There were 15 of them including one at 30". Yesterday Dennis's party caught oodles of bass and northerns. How do you figure what is hot on any given day?

Last but by no means least, Adam Treeful had his story of a day full of not just fishing but also catching. In 40 minutes his party limited out in lake trout. They moved on to walleye with good success including 2 fat ones that measured 23" and 24". There was also a nice eater walleye. That's fishing code for one in the 2-3 pound class. Filling out the day there were lots of bass to provide plenty of fighting action.

It sounds like the Gunflint guides having been having some pretty good days on the water. There is no doubt that men who are on the water day in and day out keep track of where the fish are better than an old retired guide.

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