Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gary Lake

Yesterday was one of those necessary days of scattered showers. Several times during the day blue skies appeared between white puffs of clouds. I quickly brought my inside chore to a stopping point. However, just as I was ready to step out the door, another rain shower started. Nothing got done in the gardens.

By late afternoon I was pretty frustrated. Bruce suggested that perhaps I might wish to go with him on a minnow collection run. He was going to Gary Lake, that elusive location I had never been invited to. "Yes" was the immediate answer.

We were in the midst of a shower so rain gear had to be dragged out and put on. And don't forget a baseball cap or else you can't see when the hood of your rain gear is up. It was warm enough that old tennis shoes worked fine. We stopped at the lodge for bait (old bread) and Tucker. Tucker was not interested in coming. He doesn't like to share the bench seat in the truck with anyone but Bruce.

After a short drive, we got to the landing where our canoe rests. It's not really a landing as much as a small muddy entrance to a narrow, shallow creek leading to the lake. On both sides of the creek were the tall grasses typical of these areas.

The canoe was loaded with a cooler for minnows and the new bait. Bruce said there were nine traps to check. We paddled down the winding creek. It is not the best situation to promote marital harmony, but our marriage survived. Because of the rain, mosquitoes were out in force. Rain gear is a great protection from mosquitoes as well as rain.

The best-kept secret of Gary Lake is the trip down the creek. At this time of year it is lined with wild iris! They were unbelievable. These iris are much smaller and more delicate than our domestic ones. The pale purple leaves have a vein of yellow that quickly divides into many little veins of pale, pale yellow. Only about half the blossoms had opened but it was still a huge collection of purple.

Bruce suggested cutting some for a vase back home. I quickly said that the flowers didn't last long enough. But I have to admit that the real reason for not cutting the iris was that they belonged in a setting like the sides of our winding creek. Here they peeked out at you from around every curve and grass bunch. Even if Bruce and I are the only people to see them (which is probably the case), this is where they should remain.

So we collected the minnows, endured the mosquitoes, and enjoyed the iris on our trip to Gary Lake.

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Sue said...

Oh, Sue, what fond memories of the noth woods your blogs provide. I love reading them! At times I envy you the pristine wildness of northern Minnesota. However, Washington and Williamsburg have there own charm....museums, cherry trees and other wonderful sights. Perhaps one day, we will head in your direction for a vacation.