Friday, June 09, 2006


Hello Everyone,

Occasionally as guests contact me I would like to post their comments in cyberspace for everyone to read.

This summer guests have been "thrilled" and "Blown Away" with some of our new changes to the lodge and the staff in general.

Here is a longer testimonial from a guest in May "My family and myself had the honor of spending the weekend at your place. I just wanted to say how blown away we all were by your service and personal interest in us. It was wonderful. I hope to come back many more times. I will recommend the Gunflint Lodge to everyone. I was truly amazed by your staff. Everyone from the front desk, waiters and bartenders, the service and kindness was consistent all the way through. Thank you so much."

A guest staying with us right now was overheard saying "When my friends would go back to the same place year after year for their family vacation I could never understand why anyone would do that. After spending a couple of nights at Gunflint I finally can understand what they were feeling."

I would love to hear some comments about your experience at Gunflint Lodge. Nothing makes me happier than sharing guest comments with our staff. This year we really have an amazing team.

We look forward to welcoming you to Gunflint.


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Charlie and Mona said...

We want to testify about our experiences at the Gunflint Lodge. Our first stay in 2000 was the beginning of a very wonderful relationship with the people, animals, seasons and places in the area. We have returned to the lodge many times and in all the seasons. Each visit holds new and wonderful adventures and always friendly smiles and fascinating stories that come from the knowledge of the people that call this area home. Our deepest thank you to everyone at the Gunflint Lodge and to a very special woman that gave us the gift of her love for this area and sharing it with us, THANK YOU JUSTINE
respectfully yours, Mona Abrego