Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everyone Pitches In

I am sure that you are tired of hearing about the Cavity Lake fire but here we go again. The first is up over 32,000 acres right now which makes it the biggest fire in this area since 1894 (according to the Minneapolis Tribune). Right now there appears to be no danger to any homes, businesses, or part of the Trail. As of tonight the Forest Service has the fire 45% contained. The cost is over $4,000,000 and counting.

A major fire fighting effort like this takes lots of support from the local community. Even though the Forest Service pays for this support, coming at the busiest time of the season, it is a lot of extra work for everyone. Of course, all the outfitters in the area are packing food for fire crews going directly into the BWCA. Down at Hungry Jack Outfitters, Dave and Nancy needed a little extra help so Nancy's mother, Betty, chipped in to pack food. The Proms up at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters fed many crews until a caterer came in.

We also can't forget to mention all those people from Grand Marais who have added to their busy summer work load. This includes people like Como Gas with deliveries to keep all the trucks, boat motors, and fire pumps running. And Pete Grezczyk is making extra trips up the Trail deliverying Pete's Potties. Peteson's Disposal is taking carry of the garage from 450 people. These are not glamorous jobs and the people doing them have considerably lengthened their work days to do their part. They deserve a pat on the back.

You might ask, what are the Kerfoots doing? Well, we have opened up Sue's Chinese Laundry. Have you thought about how many dirty clothes 450 people generate? Yesterday Lee, Bruce and I did 60 loads of wash in the laundromat in Grand Marais. Today my grandson Tanner helped and we did 58 loads. I can guarantee that it is a great way to sweat off a few extra pounds. As we dropped off today's clean clothes, I saw the pile of dirty laundry starting up.

So rest assured that not only are we grateful for all the fire crews, but the community is also doing all they can to support their efforts.

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charlieandmona said...

Hello Sue,
on behalf of all of us that love and enjoy the nature of our northern wilderness, we want to thank everyone that is involved in the firefighting effort. Each and every one of you stand as the guardians of the land and the life it supports. As much as we want to stand with you in the fight, please know that we stand with you in our hearts. May God Bless and keep everyone safe and send much needed rain. Give our thanks to all.