Saturday, July 08, 2006

Warm Summer Days

Today has turned into one of those warm summer days we all dream about in January. It didn't start out that way. Last night we laid in bed listening to thunder approach us. The heavens opened for quick, hard downfalls of rain. When the thunder moved on, we could hear more in the distance coming along. As we sat at breakfast, the rain continued to come.

About 9:30 or 10;00 a. m. the sun began to peek out until there was not a cloud in the sky. Probably due to the rain last night, the humidity soared. Our saving grace was a wonderful breeze off the lake. With every window open, the entire house was filled with a cool breeze.

After lunch I took Tucker down to the lake for a swim. He will swim out and chase any stick you throw in. At the same time a mother mallard decided to take her four ducklings right past our bit of shoreline. Tucker was interested enough to make a couple fake charges but Mama and I didn't let him get close. I threw a stick and Tucker lost interest in the ducks.

Sitting down by the lake was wonderful. I had a large rock with a little depression to sit in. It was in the shade and the cool breeze hit my face. It was so pleasant that I had to drag myself back to the house to put clean sheets on the beds. Even in paradise we have to do these mundane chores.

Meanwhile Bruce was out trying to get a few wild strawberries. Either the bears have eaten them all or everyone has picked them because he found nothing. We will have to make due with wild raspberry jam this year.

Memories of this day will also help get us through the winter.

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