Saturday, July 01, 2006

Odds and Ends

Sometimes I don't really have a short story to tell you but do have a bunch of odds and ends that you might be interested in. So, here goes.

A couple days ago we had another Mama Moose with new calf sighting. My advice to is to mark your calendars because the last week in June must be when all the Mama Moose decide to show off their babies. It's kind of like a moose Easter parade.

Lately there have been some garbage bags along the Trail. These bags are part of the annual Trail clean up done by its residents. Those of us who live here are proud of our home and want to keep it clean. If visitors don't see garbage in the ditches, they are more likely to not throw stuff. The residents have been cleaning up for at least 15 years.

Fishing has picked up. The guides tell me that I will have a report some to pass on to you. Heck with the report, how about a couple fillets.

We got a nice rain last night which is certainly welcome for strawberry, blueberry and raspberry lovers. All the bushes blossomed out nicely and this rain combined with lots of sunshine will give us big fat berries. The rain also promotes lots of weeds in my garden but that's another story.

With the coming of July, the Trail is really exploding with visitors. We are always glad to welcome them.

Bruce and Tucker took a magazine writer on a hike the other day. The writer asked what to wear and Bruce suggested long pants and good shoes. He arrived with shorts and sandals! Fifteen miles later, the writer's legs and feet were really a mess. My 67-year old husband got a kick out of showing this 20 or 21-year old fellow how to trek in the woods.

The Kerfoot household is welcoming grandsons this weekend. Tanner and a friend just arrived yesterday for about a month. Zach gets here from Missouri on Sunday. He will be here for about two weeks.

I might not be quite as diligent writing or you may get tired of hearing about my wonderful, intelligent, perfect grandsons. Just so you know, I have 4 other grandchildren. They are also perfect. Good thing they are not all here or you would really be tired of reading about them. Also don't forget that I have one grand-dog, Tucker. He's pretty special too.

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