Monday, April 24, 2006

Oops! Novice Blogger!

For those of you who read past the last posting, one of what will probably be many future mistakes appeared today. I started writing my blog early this morning but couldn't get it to post. At any rate, the computer said it hadn't posted. So I tried again in late morning and finally got it posted late this afternoon. Who knows why it wouldn't post or finally did post. As I reread the posted version, what should appear but my first attempt. Don't ask how this happened. Just pray it won't happen again.

Now that I have your attention, you really should learn about one of the great mysteries of spring. Last March the days started to warm up. On that first sunny day when the thermometer hit 32 degrees, we all thought it was time to try for a sun tan. It was so warm and nice that you didn't even need a jacket.

Well, today there is no snow in the woods or ice on the lake. The thermometer reads 40 degrees. The sun is shining. So why am I freezing everytime I step outside? When it was raining and sleeting in the afternoon, I was worried about frostbite no matter what the thermometer said. There are some things in nature that I will never understand.

Sue Kerfoot

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