Saturday, March 25, 2006

Big Canadian Timber Wolf on Gunflint Lake

Hi Everyone,

If you have ever been here in the winter you know that we feed the deer. So almost any time of the day you can walk around the property and see deer up close. It isn't uncommon to see as many as a dozen or two deer while walking from your cabin to the lodge.

Yesterday I was looking out towards the lake and something was "off". The birds were in the feeders, it was bright and sunny outside, but something wasn't right. It hit me, there were no deer around, not a single one. That is when I saw him.

It was a Canadian Timber Wolf right in front of the lodge about 100 yeards out on the ice. It was close enough to the lodge for me to see that it was BIG. I called Dave over and we agreed it was definitely the closest we have seen a wolf in front of Gunflint this winter. It was obvious from looking at his large body that he hadn't been hungry this winter.

The wolf was doing the slow walk, pause, and look around that you see wolfs do. He would walk a couple of paces, then pause, finally scanning the shoreline looking for deer before taking a couple more steps and repeating the whole process.

He didn't miss a thing. It felt like he even knew we were in the lodge looking at him because he stopped and stared in our direction a couple of times. He was probably just looking at the deer feeder, but if felt like he was looking directly at us.

This morning when I came down to work I didn't see any deer. I quickly went inside the lodge and looked out towards the lake scanning everywhere to see if the wolf was back. I didn't see him, but I didn't see a single deer I knew he wasn't to far away.

No luck today, maybe tomorrow.


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