Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gunflint Lodge

Happy Spring Everyone!

I can say that because we have now had the first really true sign of spring. Last night we had a rain storm complete with thunder and lightening. You forget what a wonderful sound rain on the roof is.

The storm came at a perfect time. Yesterday was the last day of dog sled rides. The ski trails are starting to feel the effects of warm sun. The dining room will be closing after the weekend for a few days of cleaning. So now it is OK for all of us to wish for sun, rain, and warm days.

For Bruce and I, a big part of spring is planting. We can't actually plant much until June 1st but we can weed and plan. Today I ordered seeds for the garden and a rototiller. Hopefully I won't rototill my feet. I will also be starting plants in the greenhouse soon.

Ronnie Smith (our gardener) and I are planning projects for the spring work weekend people. Bruce wants to build a retaining wall around Cabin #4. He did #5 and #6 last fall. For some reason guests love to build walls. The walls in front of #7 and #8 were built by Robert with help from work weekend people.

Meanwhile, the rain confirms that spring is here. It also brings in an unpleasant part of spring -- mud!! The ground is still frozen so the water does not drain off well or soak in. It melts the top soil and gives lots of mud. This is particularly difficult for the housekeepers as they clean cabins from their own mud and the guests' mud. Luckily it only lasts a short time. It's just another part of spring in the woods.


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