Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Summer Rate Sheets

Hi Everyone-

If you have requested a summer rate sheet, or if you have been on prior mailings you should have one by now. We sent out almost 7,000 of them about 10 days ago.

Our winter rate sheet had an old picture of Grandma on it. The summer rate sheet has another old picture on it, but we didn't say who it was. Does anyone know who is in the picture? Post your guess to the blog and we will let you know the correct answer in a couple of days.


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Lisa Kitzke said...

It's Bruce as a little guy. If I'm wrong then I must be blind. Glad to see the changes and improvements being made. It's been fun to watch things grow and change for you all. Best wishes and we hope to see you again--perhaps this year.
Mark and Lisa Kitzke