Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gunflint Lodge

Winter Camping

I guess I am officially now able to write in this blog under my own name. Lee and Eva thought I should which probably means that Lee wants me to write more. Hope you can stand it.

At this moment Lee and Eva a out on a winter camping trip with Mark Darling, one of our neighbors. It wasn't too cold last night so they will have a great time. Also we got another 2-3 inches of snow. Maybe March is going to be our snow month this year.

It may be winter outside but the orchid on my desk thinks it's summer. Right now I have four blossoms and more are coming. The plant has been blooming for the last 2 years. A friend of mine in Florida gave me some hints on keeping it happy. First it's in a west window so the only sun light is in the late afternoon. Each morning I just mist the leaves. About once a month water the roots. I usually have a black thumb so this flower has been a major triumph for me. It is particularly nice on cold January days.

Have a good day. Sue K.

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