Monday, April 24, 2006

Caution: Sawdust Flying

Cosmetic surgery is in now. So, Lee and Eva decided to give the lodge a facelift. All winter long they dreamed and thought and planned. Everyone added their two cents worth. Finally, plans were drawn up, furniture was picked out, and equipment was ordered. Now it's all being put into place.

The first step was to move the gift shop into the back two rooms of the lodge which were office and storage space. The wall between them was torn out. A small cubicle office for Dave was added. Carpeting and shelving came next. Then one side of the front desk was removed to give a wide entrance. Pretty soon we had a bright new gift shop. All the gift items and shirts are on the shelves for you to look at and, hopefully, to buy.

Where the gift shop was is now the "Red Paddle," a northwoods style bistro. It's a place were the lodge will now be serving lighter meals from noon until ten at night for guests and neighbors. Bruce and I have tasted many of the menu items and I think we will be frequent patrons. In addition to tables and bar stools, there are some very comfortable sofas and chairs for those who like to just sit and look at the lake or the fireplace.

If the bistro has a name, the dining room must also get a name. Lee and Eva decided to call it "Justine's." We all know that Mom wasn't much of a cook but she really enjoyed good food. With her name above the door, it also gave us a chance to fill the walls with pictures of her not only at Gunflint by also as a child and as a tourist. By the time we added her paddle, beaded buckskin jacket, and snowshoes, there wasn't much room left.

The changes in the front of the house were matched by new kitchen equipment in the back of the house. Then there is all the new kitchen appliances behind the bistro bar. Chef Barry and Bistro Manager Josh are anxious to put all this new equipment to work serving you some tasty meals and beverages.

Of course, everything is still covered with sawdust. On Thursday evening we will be serving our first guests. But don't worry about the sawdust. It's a Gunflint tradition that the last dust pan of sawdust goes out the back door as the first guest comes in the front door.

See you at the bistro this summer!

Sue Kerfoot

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