Monday, April 24, 2006

Flying Sawdust

Flying Sawdust

Cosmetic surgery is really in these days. So, the spring project this year is giving the main lodge a facelift. Lee and Eva have looked with new eyes and planned great changes. All winter they talked about them and during the last couple weeks, the changes have been implemented.

The gift shop has been moved from the front room into two back room that were formerly used as offices. Dave kept a little cubicle for his office but the rest is filled with new shelving and carpeting. One corner of the front desk was removed to offer wider access to the gift shop. Of course, we all hope that it's so inviting that you will spend lots of time looking (and buying).

Where the gift shop was, is now being turned into the "Red Paddle," a northwoods style bistro. From noon until ten we will be offering a selection of lighter menu items. A bar is being built, a couple booths, a couple tables and new furniture. I have tasted many items on the new menu. Bruce and I will probably be frequent patrons of this new eating area.

The main dining room has been renamed "Justine's." Now we all know that Mom was not much of a cook but she loved good food. Also the new name gives us a chance to tell you more about her life through the decorations. As a result the walls are filled with pictures showing various parts of her life plus her paddle, her snowshoes, her leather jacket, etc. Later this summer we will be putting in the lodge her original Old Town canoe which has been rebuilt by some people who specialize in this kind of work.

Behind the public rooms, the kitchen has been rearranged. Several new pieces of equipment have found their way into use. There is also lots of new equipment in the bistro's bar area. Chef Barry and Bistro Manager Josh are ready to start putting their new toys to work.

Right now we are all hitting the panic button. The lodge is still filled with sawdust and meals are being served this Thursday. Lest you panic too, I must say that this seems to be the way with every Gunflint project. By 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, everything will be spotless and hot food will be ready to come out of the kitchen.

See you in the bistro this summer.

Sue Kerfoot

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