Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gunflint Lodge

Bears and Other Things

Driving home from town I saw my first bear of the summer. He was on the edge of the road and not happy to see me. As soon as the car came into view he took off for the woods. The bear was visible long enough for me to see that he was huge and healthy looking. Now it's time to remember to not to put anything into the garbage cans after the staff has emptied them for the day.

After a warm rain on Thursday night and several days in the 50's and 60's, the ice is really black right now. The west bay is open past the main lodge building at Moosehorn. If the wind were to come up from the west today, I think the ice could go out. Of course, we have a dead calm. Until that wind comes up, the ice will just sit on the lake.

Remodeling in the lodge is coming along very nicely. Those of you visiting us this summer will enjoy the new bistro if for no other reason than that we have more dining seats overlooking the lake. I have tasted many of the food item's on the bistro's menu and they are really good.

My favorite part of the new menu is root beer floats probably because they remind me of my childhood in a Chicago suburb. My mother loved them and called them "Black Cows." Is that just a Chicago name or is its use more widespread? My delicate waistline dictates that I not indulge too often because the ice cream will stick to me just like every other tasty bit of food does.

I'm thinking of things that stick to my waist this week because of those small solid milk chocolate Easter eggs that are covered with colored foil. They are another carry over from my childhood. With no small children in the house I have avoided Easter candy like the plague but one bag of chocolate eggs jumped into my grocery cart. Now the eggs sit in a bowl in the kitchen and call out to me.

Have a pleasant Easter!

Sue Kerfoot


Charlie and Mona said...

Good morning Kerfoot family,
Sue, I read your blog this morning about the bear sighting. What a world you get to live in. I was wondering if you still had any snow on the ground? I will be coming up in a week, so I was wondering what to pack and if the warm earlier spring we are having has made it's way up north.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Happy Easter to all.
Best to you always, Mona Abrego

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