Friday, November 24, 2006

A Friend Visits

We are having very warm weather for this time of year. It was 38 degrees this morning and overcast. Bruce thinks is supposed to rain. I am hoping it will hold off until evening when the weather cools down and we will get snow instead.

In our home the earth is filled in on the exterior walls up to the bottom of the windows. It is like so many of our cabins. This extra insulation really keeps the house cozy all winter with very few drafts. It also cuts down the heating bills.

This morning I walked into my office where there is a large west-facing window. Who should be running right along the window but Freddy the Fox. I ran into the bedroom and watched him go along the bedroom window. Then he turned the corner and appeared across another bedroom window. I ran down the hall to see him go into the back yard by the bird feeders. He was moving pretty quickly -- must have been on the hunt.

We have lots of squirrels around too. Sometimes Freddy will chase a squirrel but with no luck. Behind the rock walls in our garden, the squirrels have built lots of little dens. The first sign of Freddy and they scamper into one of the dens.

At this time of year the fox are beautiful. Their fur is thick and their white tails stand out straight and thick. They must be really soft to feel. We are torn between putting bits of meat and bones out to attract the fox and thinking about when Tucker visits. Tucker likes the scraps too. He has already lost one tooth because he chews the bones so hard. At this point our grand-puppy comes first.

It is wonderful to live in an area where we can easily see animals in their natural environment. My children never got really excited about zoos. Why would they get excited about a scraggly moose or wolf in a zoo when they saw magnificent ones in the wild?

The Kerfoot family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope that you did too.

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Anonymous said...

We saw the fox there by our cabin when we came up last winter, but we chose to call it "Darla," after the little girl in the shows, "The Little Rascals!" She is very brave and fun to watch. Can't wait to come up and see her again-we are crossing our fingers for snow!
Pat and Melissa Gerken