Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today we have an east wind storm with a combination of freezing rain and snow coming down. The weather is nasty enough that Tucker and I decided to not walk this morning. I am sure that Tucker thinks the weather is perfect but you are talking about a dog who loves to roll in the snow. In fact just last week he went (willingly) for a swim in the lake.

So today we are sitting inside looking out. From this vantage point it is fun. The lake is rolling and covered with whitecaps. It is definitely not boating weather. Gunflint is so deep (over 200 feet in places) that it is one of the last lakes in the area to freeze. Many of the smaller lakes are frozen over now. Gunflint usually freezes over between the 10th and the 15th of December.

Snow is intermittently coming down. Sometimes I can see the far shore and other times it disappears in the falling snow. We have just a dusting of frozen stuff right now. Everything is iced over and slippery. It’s nice that we don’t have to drive anywhere today.

After lunch I think we will start a fire in the fireplace. The fire not really needed for physical warmth. Today it provides a spiritual warmth that no electric heater can match. The living room will be so hot after dinner that Bruce and I will fall asleep in front of the TV for sure.

With any luck we will wake up tomorrow with several inches on the ground. At this point it will be the beginning of our base for the cross country ski trails. Hopefully we will get lots more in the coming weeks. There is nothing better than lots of snow for Christmas.

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