Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home Again

After 5000 miles of driving, Bruce and I arrived home last night. Our own bed felt pretty good. In spite of all the driving, it was a wonderful trip. We got to visit with old friends and brought home some great display material for the Chik-Wauk Museum. We will be home until after Christmas now.

It seemed like the neighborhood prepared a special welcome for us. The new white snow on the ground looked particularly nice. Bruce was dying with the heat in Brownsville so he really appreciated the snow. It is late enough now that this snow may be here all winter.

Driving up the Trail in the late afternoon, we saw two critters cross the road some distance ahead of us. They looked like ponies. We finally figured out that they had to be huge wolves. One was completely black. Both were the biggest wolves we had ever seen.

This morning Eva, Tucker and I took our morning walk. Coming back a beautiful bald eagle flew overhead and landed on top of a snag just off the road. The eagle sat and watched us as we walked past. They truly are magnificent creatures.

Today we will fill the bird feeders and see what comes in. A squirrel and a chickadee stopped by during breakfast to remind us that the feeders were empty. Bruce will also put out some suet to draw them in. I don’t expect to see any deer until the hunting ends on Sunday. Then it will be time to put out some corn and see what happens.

It is good to be home. I will catch up on all the goings on and let you know what is happening here.

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