Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the Road

I am going to give you a vacation from my blogs. Tomorrow Bruce and I leave on a driving trip. I look at it as a mixed blessing. We’ll see lots of people but also have lots of driving.

Tomorrow we drive to Minneapolis in two vehicles. I have our car to drop off at the dealer for tires and minor repairs. The car’s computer needs some maintenance because it talks too much to us. Bruce is driving our big red van loaded with stuff (including a motorcycle) left by employees from 17 years ago.

By Sunday we will be in Destin, Florida with just one vehicle. Rick and Beth will drive over from Ocala to pick up their stuff. Bruce will teach some classes at an annual outfitters convention. I’ll attend some classes.

Wednesday we drive to Harlingen, Texas. There we will fill the van with some furniture from the old Chik-Wauk Lodge on Saganaga Lake. Ralph and Bea Griffis, the last private owners of Chik-Wauk, are donating this furniture to the new museum. I think the van is going to be filled to the roof.

Our last stop will be in Omaha, Nebraska, on the way home to see some guests who have become great friends of ours. Both of us are looking forward to seeing them. Then it is straight back home. We should be home on the 14th if all goes well.

Neither of us have really tried to figure out the total mileage of the trip. Luckily we travel well together. It’s our waistlines that we are really worried about. Traveling all over does tend to put the pounds on.

Of course, I can’t close without the inevitable note about the bird feeder. Last week we had a cardinal at the feeder! This is nothing new to anyone living in Grand Marais or further south. It is, however, the first time I have ever seen a cardinal up here. Even Bruce has only seen one once or twice. The bird must have been well and truly lost. One of the neighbors down the lake saw him at her bird feeder. He hasn’t appeared again so he must have figured out which way is south.

I’ll talk with you again in a couple weeks.

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