Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a "Dusting"

Eva and I were enjoying the 31st when we got a knock on our door. Surprise, surprise we had one batch of trick-or-treaters. The key word is “one” batch. It was a total of 8 kids. So we let them take as much of the candy as they wanted because we knew it would probably be the only group of kids stopping by.

When I was growing up and we went trick-or-treating at the neighbors (all of the neighbors were resort owners), we used to always get the “big” candy bars. As a kid when we got the “big” candy bars it was a little bit of a downer because we really wanted the “little” candy bars that were made for Halloween. So Eva and I made sure to have plenty of the “little” candy bars for the kids. Plus we had to save a couple of these treats for us…because they are so small they can’t be bad for you, right?

After the kids had left I noticed that they had been wearing winter boots underneath their costumes. That reminded me of the Halloween of 1992. October 31st of 1992 we (my brother Robert, my best friend Aaron, Aaron’s Sister Tracy, and I) were driving home late from town. On the drive home it started to snow. About ½ of the way home we stopped the car to see how much snow was on the road. We all piled out of the car and determined that it was “only a dusting” and had nothing to worry about.

We made it home that night without any problems. The next morning we awoke to almost 30” of fresh snow, so much for just a “dusting”. The best part of November 1st was the phone call from the principle telling us that school was canceled for the day. Yes! A snow day! Unfortunately we had to shovel out our resort so we didn’t get much of the day off from school, but it didn’t matter because we were “snowed out”.

When Eva and I woke up on the 1st we didn’t see snow like November of 1992, but we did have a “dusting” of snow on the ground. I guess 2” is better than 30” because you don’t have to shovel out the resort in the morning.

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